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International Church of Eternal Revival operates exclusively for religious, educational, scientific and all other God-inspired purposes.


We are largely oriented on the promotion and better understanding of the True Religion that is religion suitable for everyone from any religious background, religion that is free from any human manipulations.


There are no multitudes of different religions in the Kingdom of God. God can recognize only one Religion that is Religion of the Truth of God.


History clearly demonstrates that many World conflicts are based on differences in religious perception of the reality. Our the most important investment in humanity is an establishment and preservation of the peaceful existence by uniting people from the different religious backgrounds. In this way, we are promoting progress of civilization, tranquility and peaceful existence between nations, as the Supreme Creator designated it to be.


We are also oriented on charitable activities around the World, economic, cultural, educational and scientific developments that all are parts of any true worship to God.


According to the Higher Orders of God, International Church of Eternal Revival (Church of the Holy State) was created in the month of April in the year 1986. Interestingly enough, the same year, the United Nations Organization designated (the year of our Holy Church creation) as the International Year of Peace.


In our Church every person from any religious background can find Religious Home. God has only one religion, the religion of the True Believers and we are the part of this divine foundation of the religion of God. Any person from any religious group can be our member, follower, or supporter. We are not judging anybody, but only helping people.


This website is not some form of informative website, but our Online branch of the Church. Real Church of God is not a place for gatherings and chanting glorifications for the God, but a place where God-designed positive creative activities are performed. The God perfectly aware that He is the Greatest and He does not need any additional reminders from the regular people (see definition of the True Church ). With weekly or daily visits to our Online Church you can start your salvation with us.


Obviously, we cannot exist entirely only on the Internet and we do have actual Church's offices in the form of buildings (several in the City of Philadelphia) to coordinate our religious and charitable activities.


The words "Eternal Revival" in the name of our Church are not similar to the words used by some other people. Our REVIVAL is the revival of the TRUTH of GOD. Some religious representatives never explained to people that not some god-like person will be saving the World at present or future time, but only God (intelligent power of the Universe) will; and not in the form of "sudden miracles", but gradually, slowly and meticulously in the form of progressive work of regular people following progressive teachings as ours.


World would be saved not by one person (as some people believe), but salvation would come from the following the TEACHING OF GOD! The teachings of God were presented by Jesus and by other people selected by the God during many years of human existence. The same teachings, but adjusted to progress of the Universe, are presented at present time in our Church.


Many people failed to realize that the God created progress of the humankind and progress of the Universe. Nothing in this World stays unchanged for thousands of years. Mental abilities of people significantly improved during the last few thousand years. The same way, explanation of God's teachings are not the same for each generation of people.


In any human society, religious explanations are made in the attempt to accommodate intelligence level of the people living at each particular time. Explanations were primitive in primitive societies, but highly intelligent people of the present time should not be treated in the same way as uneducated people from the primitive ancient times.


Our REVIVAL is the revival of the Truth of Holy Kingdom of God, revival of the True Church, revival of the True Worship and revival of human souls. Our Revival is the Revival of the Peace and Harmony around the World supported by the Truth of God.


As with any form of human behavior, we almost certain that some people would like to adhere to own views on religions. Each person has the right to have own position on any religious matters. As long as people are acknowledging existence of the Supreme Creator, they can be in any place worshiping the God in the acceptable to them form.


There are no better or worst religions, as long as religious activities are bringing positive improvements for this World.



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