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If you are looking for the real baptism, you are in the right place. We are not converting you to any religion that you have no desire to follow. We are respecting your privacy and all information is confidential. Under our instructions, spiritual guidance, God’s supervision and blessing, you will be able to obtain the modern baptism in the privacy of your home or in any other place (there will be no need for any additional people to be present). You will be receiving baptismal Certificate by mail (if desired). Even more, if you are too concerned about your privacy, your baptism can be fully anonymous (you have no need to give us your full name (first name will be sufficient).


We can baptize any person from any religious background at any age. Truth revealed by the God is simple. Baptism is not an affiliation with any church or religion. The pure meaning of the baptism is only introduction to new cleansed life in the name of God. The God is the only one entity for all humankind and there are no different Gods for different religions. Therefore, baptism has nothing to do with the name of any church or religion. Baptism is the act before the God only and it is a commitment made to be a better person.  


Considering the fact that our Holy Church was founded by directions from the God, our baptism is spiritual cleansing designated by the God for any person of any age and from any church or religion. You are welcome to be our Church member, but you are not obligated to be a member of our Church before or after baptismal procedure.


You probably are curious, how can you call yourself after the baptismal procedure? It is up to individual personal consciousness, you can call yourself a Christian after our baptism and you will be correct. At the same time, if you are attending another place of worship, feel free to call yourself according to the name and policy of your own place of worship. As we have stated before, act of baptism has absolutely nothing to do with the name of your place of worship, it is the sacred procedure before the God initiated by blessings from the God-chosen religious servant; and God is the same for all religions and places of worship.


Mark 16:16  Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved. But anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned.  


John 3:3-5  Jesus replied, “I tell you the truth, unless you are born again, you cannot see the Kingdom of God" “What do you mean?” exclaimed Nicodemus. "How can an old man go back into his mother’s womb and be born again?” Jesus replied, “I assure you, no one can enter the Kingdom of God without being born of water and the Spirit.


"Spirit" in the words of Jesus indicates powers of the God given to the True Representative of the God, it also indicates the fact that person (of conscious age) must truly believe in the God. Water is the substance that is used for body cleansing, as indirect comparison to the spiritual cleansing initiated during the baptismal procedure by efforts of the person of God. Combination of both, will enable any individual to start a new life. As you can see, Jesus never mentioned any relationship of baptismal procedure to any church or religion.


Baptism is the universal procedure, where powers of the God are combined with a cleansing agent, as a water. Not a cleansing by water but a spiritual purification initiated by the person of God takes the place during the baptismal procedure. The use of water, in some way, is only a visual (nonfigurative) concept for the better understanding of the spiritual cleansing that regular person is not able to visualize.


Another important significance has the age of the baptized person. Baptism of the newly born person is a form of preliminary baptismal procedure, because any newly born person has no ability to understand the meaning of baptismal procedure, it is generally a blessing from the person of God. Therefore, it is important to be baptized in the adult age, even if you were already baptized in infancy (to receive a spiritual purification), with a full understanding that baptism will be leading to the creation of a better person.


Any person from any religion can participate in baptismal procedure; because it is a divine act related to the God, who is the same for all people. It is not a ritual limited to only Christianity, it is a religious act that must be performed by each person from any religion. It represents a new commitment to the God. The name of your religion has nothing to do with this divine spiritual act.


We are not charging anything for the baptism. Any person from any part of the World can be baptized by our Church. As we have stated before, the real meaning of baptism represents initiation of new religious life and a commitment to be a better person. Our modern baptismal procedure is simple. Baptism, as a spiritual cleansing and your commitment to be the better person will be completed after the issuance by our Church and receiving by you (or by parents of a child) our Certificate of Baptism. Your only costs (tax deductible donation to Church) would be the printing and mailing of the Certificate of Baptism.


Our regular baptismal Certificate #1


 Baptismal Certificate in artistic design #2


Baptismal Certificate in artistic design #3


Baptismal Certificate in artistic design #4



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