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The word "Christianity" in its pure and correct interpretation from the Greek language is only an admission of the fact that God selects his messengers from human representatives and the Truth of God is delivered through selected representatives of humankind. Even the name of Jesus in most religions carries the title (not the name, but the title) the "Christ", meaning that Jesus is the Christ.


The correct interpretation of the word "Christ" (from the Greek language) is the person selected by God and God only can select the human representatives, not the additional gods, because God is the only One Supreme Power of the entire Universe and has no need to make additional gods.


The true and correct basis of Christianity is only an admission of the fact that God has the power to select his representatives from humankind. This selection is done at the time of human conception and this explains divinity of the selection (representing spiritual virginity). The Bible constantly describes the facts that Jesus was telling everybody that he is only a human person with divine abilities given to him by God. Jesus always was clearly stating that he is not a form of God represented in human form. Jesus always was clearly stating that God is the only One in undivided form; and Jesus delivered to the people this truth almost two thousand years ago.  


The truth revealed by God is only one. There is only one God and this God at his own will and desire has the power to select human representatives at any time to deliver the words of God to other people. Power of one God would be never divided into numerous forms and representations.   


Therefore, all our followers can describe themselves as a True Christians in the most pure original form, because "Christianity" is only a word adopted from the Greek language indicating that the Original Christians (who used this Greek word) were the people that accepted the fact of the ability of God to select his messengers from regular people.  


Some people may start calling themselves "messengers". However, the true messengers of God are selected from the time of birth (creation in spiritual virginity) and not at the time when some person suddenly decided to become a "messenger" in his own imagination. Many religions are describing their own messengers that were selected at the time of the original conception and birth. Nevertheless, many of these messengers were only able to recognize this fact many years later.


Everybody who accepts the fact that God selects his messengers from humankind, can call himself or herself a True Christian in the Purest Original Form (if such a person would want to use Greek word to describe his/her beliefs). Translation of the same words into different languages is not making the original True Religion different for different nations.



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