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International Church of Eternal Revival defines the True Church as following


True Church is not the building itself. Church can be in any place, even on open piece of ground without any structures.


True Church is the place of the divine worship to God [follow this link to see definition of the true worship ]


Many people are assuming that if word "worship" is used, then, church must be a place where people would congregate, perform public prayers and verbal glorifications for God. Very well known approach that we see almost everywhere. Some people with extensive imagination even decided that church must be defined as such. Contrary to these assumptions, it is not what God is considering as a True Church.


Basis of the Real Church is more sophisticated than just getting together, reading Bible, etc. Prayers and praises would not be classified as a form of divine worship, as God expects from the humankind. Any person can pray, any person can glorify and praise the God; but all these activities are only personal private affairs that would continue to be just sounds and physical movements unless they are supported by the actual true acts of the dedication to God, by performing good deeds improving humankind and the Universe...   


True Church is a concentration of the mental and physical activities directed to the progressive improvement of the humankind and the Universe. Only progressive and positive activities improving the Universe and directed for the benefits of people can be considered as a true form of worship to God.

Therefore, the True Church as the International Church of Eternal Revival is the place where all progressive activities are originated, coordinated and performed. 




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