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Upon request, any students graduating from the religious studies program administered by us (basic course or the degree program), would have an option to be ordained by our Church as a Practicing Minister of any religion selected during the studies.  


Ordained ministers are not obligated to accept our religious teachings/or our doctrines and are free to exercise personal choice for religious affiliation. As an Ordained Minister, a person ordained by International Church of Eternal Revival can perform religious ceremonies locally in any Country and can represent any peaceful religion, or can consider himself/herself as "interfaith minister" (interaction between people from different religions).  


Ordained Ministers are fully independent members of clergy and are only associated with our Church through the initial fact of ordination into the ministry of God with the main intention of spreading any peaceful religious doctrines and performance of religious ceremonies.


Ministers are independent in their religious expressions and International Church of Eternal Revival is not responsible for individual or any other conduct of ordained ministers; however, if we would receive the confirmed information that the ordained person (after the ordination) was involved in any form of illegal or criminal activities, such ordination will be revoked automatically and immediately. 


Our Ordinations are free


Yes, our ordination is free, as a physical process of ordination. Graduation from one of our religious programs  is required.


Ordination is only completed after a person receives all ordination credentials. Issuance of documents will carry some additional costs.






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