International Church of Eternal Revival




International Church of Eternal Revival




Our mission is to improve the World and to make it a better place for all people. International Church of Eternal Revival operates for religious, educational, scientific and all other charitable purposes as a part of the worship to the God and for the improvement of the God-created Universe.



Our Ministries



Ministry of Education - Low cost education, training and improvement of professional skills. 


Ministry of International Affairs - International research and relief throughout the World.


Ministry of Health and Wellness - Scientific research, guidance and counseling in health matters.


Ministry of God and Religious Truth - The Source of Religious Truth.


Ministry of Family Values - Improvement of values and strength of families.


Spiritual Purification Ministry - The way to the true salvation.


Healing and Wellness Ministry - Spiritual healing and improvement of well-being.


Anointing Ministry - Spiritual purification, healing and improvement of personal life.


Ministry of Social Justice - Studies and research of domestic and international laws, advocacy of social justice and equality.




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