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Our mission is to improve the World and to make it a better place for all people. International Church of Eternal Revival operates for religious, educational, scientific and all other charitable purposes as part of the worship to God and for the improvement of the God-created Universe.


Our Ministries


Ministry of Education - Low cost education, training and improvement of professional skills. 


Ministry of International Affairs - International research and relief throughout the World.


Ministry of Health and Wellness - Scientific research, guidance and counseling in health matters.


Ministry of God and Religious Truth - Source of Religious Truth.


Ministry of Family Values - Improvement of values and strength of families.


Spiritual Purification Ministry - Way to the true salvation.


Healing and Wellness Ministry - Spiritual healing and improvement of well-being.


Anointing Ministry - Spiritual purification, healing and improvement of personal life.


Ministry of Social Justice - Studies and research of domestic and international laws, advocacy of social justice and equality.




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