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How you can pay for services or other items in our Online Church


All payments mentioned on our web site are not actual payments, but donations for the charitable activities. We are not selling anything, but we are accepting donations for whatever we are offering.


All payments are donations for the International Church of Eternal Revival and in many countries, donations to the religious establishments can be deducted from the income taxes.


Donations are not refundable, but you will receive all services that are covered by such donation. 


Please do not be confused about word “donations”. Donations are not what people are willing to give, but donations can be described as something that can be used, for example, for the charitable activities.


We are accepting payments/donations made with major credit cards, bank debit cards, check payments by mail, electronic transfer to our bank.


Usually you are paying in own currency and during payment processing bank converts your currency into the U.S. Dollars. All required donations must be made in the U.S. Dollars.


Forms of payment:


1. Payments can be made by credit or debit card.


2. Payments can be made by bank transfers (wire transfers) from your bank into our bank.


This part needs special explanation because there are no additional charges.


For all wire transfers originating from the banks located in the United States we are charged $15 for each incoming wire transfer and we must pass this charge to the ordering person. All international bank-to-bank payments (originating from the foreign banks) are made only by wire transfer and for each wire transfer you need to add additional $40 (plus, your bank probably will charge also a fee for the wire transfer). It costs more to receive international wire transfer because not only our bank charges us a fee, but also intermediary banks that is used by the foreign bank.


3. You can mail personal bank check from your own bank (or official bank check, money order) to our mailing address (international mail delivery may take very long time (up to a month and sometimes longer) and check must be fully cleared in our bank (this may take additional 2 weeks).


4. PayPal has an option of processing electronic checks (instant payment similar to the payment by credit cards).


5. Payments can be made by the Western Union or MoneyGram transfers. This is NOT our preferred method of accepting payments because it takes time for someone to drive to the service providers (and it may take additional few days before someone from our Church would be able to make a trip to the Western Union or MoneyGram offices). For this form of payment we can accommodate your request only if you have a larger order (not just a few dollars).


For small payments we prefer to receive payment by credit/debit, or by pre-paid card (all these cards are processed as credit card payments, as long as card has major credit card logo printed on it).


How it is done


Person desiring to process an order calculates the total amount, including shipping cost (or can ask us for the exact amount), and makes one payment/donation covering the order.


After that, person can send to us e-mail with the name, address, list of items ordered and selected shipment method. We can identify payment/donation by the name of person making payment/donation (if person is using credit card).


When payment is made, PayPal (you can use any credit card without having PayPal account) sends to us e-mail telling that [Full Name of Person] made a donation for so many dollars. In addition to that, we would receive your e-mail with details of your order. This way, we will know exactly what you have ordered and how much you paid (and there will be no mistakes).


If we have any additional questions, we will be contacting you.


If you have an additional questions, or if you want from us calculation of the total amount, feel free to sent us e-mail.   


Unable to calculate payment amount?


Send us electronic letter (e-mail)  


Shipment charges


For anything that can be placed inside business envelope (10 by 12 inches) without special packing, add $6 for the shipping and handling (United States), and we will send it by Priority Mail in the United States. International shipments are more expensive. Shipping of large size certificates cost more.


For anything larger (for example large prints of certificates or other items that must be shipped as a package) - ask us to calculate approximate weight and tell us what form of shipment you prefer.


Prices are different for the different shipment options and weight of the package. International deliveries are more expensive. Anything that is above size of the largest envelope is shipped as large package (any dimensions above 12 inches). Any envelope thicker than 1/4 of inch also shipped as a package, not as envelope.


Cheapest mailing cost is First Class U.S. Mail.


For International deliveries - for anything that can be placed in business-type envelope (10 by 12 inches) without special packing (for example regular size certificates), add $7 for shipping (First Class Mail). For anything larger, ask us to calculate cost of shipping and handling. Sending a few large certificates (13 by 19 inches) internationally by the First Class Mail can cost about $15 - $19.


Do not be surprised if you will see that shipping price posted on the envelope/package is a few dollars lower comparing to the price we gave to you. We need to pay for the return receipt (that is not reflected on the package) and packaging materials that can add several dollars to the marked shipping price. We are not charging for any human work involved in packaging and shipment (only actual shipping cost and cost of packaging materials).


Making a payment


Add together all applicable costs (required donation, plus cost of mailing, if any). Or ask us to calculate total cost.


Make a payment/donation.


If you are using credit (debit or pre-paid) card payment, send us e-mail describing total amount, what was ordered, correct mailing address, your contact information. 




After careful consideration (and negative experience with some providers of credit card processing), we decided to use PayPal (worldwide well-known credit card processing company) as a processor for any credit (debit or pre-paid) card payments/donations. Payments/donations are maid in the United States Dollars and PayPal would convert currency of your own country into the United States Dollars according to currency exchange rate. Please note that there is no need to have PayPal account, just select an option of using PayPal without PayPal account (as any other credit card processing service).


We have no access to any of credit card information and it is strictly between PayPal and the person that submits payment. We only are receiving e-mail from PayPal informing us that payment was posted to our account.


PayPal web page is displaying an option to log into PayPal account, that can be confusing and people may assume that they need to have account with PayPal. If you have no account with PayPal, just ignore any invitation to log into account and select an option, "Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account (where available)" [it sits next to the credit cards pictures]. In recent version of PayPal payment page they have a statement "Pay with Credit Card or Log In", fill in credit card and other information and press "Continue"; you will be taken to the page for processing credit cards without PayPal account.


Please print and save all your confirmation receipts as a proof of donation for your records (we also can send to you a receipt by e-mail, if requested). 




Secure Credit/Debit cards payments - click on the image




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