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In the International Church of Eternal Revival, we are worshiping the real and only one God in the correct form of worship, as instructed personally by God. Over thousands of years people have progressed enormously, mentally and physically; and what was suitable hundreds and thousands of years ago, is not suitable for any modern people any longer. It explains the fact that teachings that were acceptable thousands of years ago without any questions, became a subject of controversy for the modern generation of people. This created a new form of people that still believe in the existence of the Supreme Power, but are not accepting many statements that are not suitable for modern people.    


Old religious scripts were obviously written not for any highly advanced society, but for uneducated tribes of the people that lived hundreds of years ago and had totally different mental abilities for the evaluation of God's teachings. Imagine that you would start telling the sheep shepherds living two thousand years ago (who cannot even comprehend the meaning of the word "electricity") about the benefits of modern computers and the Internet.  Any person living at that time would declare you insane.    


The same situation is with modern people. What is the purpose of asking modern intelligent people to accept word-for-word stories that were made for uneducated people who lived hundreds of years ago? All such stories were intentionally made in a very simplistic way to accommodate the low level of intelligence of the people living at that time. What is the purpose of claiming that any teachings supposed to be accepted word-for-word without intellectual interpretation adjusted to the progress of our Civilization? The scripts written hundreds of years ago were, in many parts, written in allegorical style to keep it usable for many generations of people. Obviously, God inspired the writers and they did the best for their level of intellect and education; but intellect and education were on a significantly inferior level hundreds of years ago, as compared to the intellectual abilities of the modern generation of people. Ancient writers did the best for their time, but they had no ability to describe things the same way as we would accept it at this present time.         


For centuries, theology schools were continuing teaching, from generation to generation, the same word-for-word interpretations of religious scripts, without any adjustment for the advancement of the Civilization. Word-for-word interpretation was never the intention of the writers of all old scripts and it was not the intention of God inspiring such ancient writers.    


Millions of people worldwide became non-believers only because they became aware that ancient interpretations of events are just not working any longer. Intelligent person accepts only what can be comprehended by a person living in modern society. Anything beyond a comprehension, most likely would not be accepted. In each part of the Bible, Jesus always is telling that he is only a human person talking on behalf of God; and every time, when he was telling that, he was indicating that he is talking in parables (that would need a special interpretation). Explanations of such parables are based on the mental level of the person who is trying to explain it. The lower level of intelligence would produce less believable interpretations. Only a highly intelligent and educated person (that knows the Truth) can deliver the correct religious interpretations.    


The Universe created by God is not a permanent entity, it was created for the constant progress, as God designated it to be. Mental abilities of modern people are on a totally different level as compared to people living hundreds of years ago; and these modern people are in need of educated explanations made by highly educated people. Reading quotations from antique scripts, word-for-word, and without correct guidance, is definitely not enough for any intelligent person.    


Avoidance of intelligent interpretation not only gives a bad perception of religion; it misleads the people into false beliefs and causes many people to reject the entire religious doctrine (because of outdated teachings). Incorrect teachings by poorly educated people (or by the people educated on the basis of outdated materials) are forcing people to become non-believers. In this way, we are losing a true connection with God and it moves us away from real salvation. God has no need for any human imaginations or speculations. The same way, God does not need any false teachers, especially when these so-called "teachers" are not sophisticated enough to receive a sufficient level of education.  


The Real Religious Teacher is not a person who just wants to teach other people. The Real Teacher is a highly educated person that also has very significant life experience. Some people are confused with the fact that Jesus (assumingly) was a carpenter; and many people decided that any person, even a person without any formal education, can teach other people about religion. Two thousand years ago, ancient people never had the same universities, as we have at present time. Education by observation and by "words-of-mouth" was very often the only form of education that ancient people would receive in their entire lifetime. For that time, Jesus was a well-educated and well-travelled person, who had a significant life experience and he was perfectly fitting into the category of well-educated person. At present, the definition of highly educated person is totally different. Modern-day carpenters who never completed any university degree, most likely would not be the persons who can correctly interpret any old religious teachings.   



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