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To discourage skeptics and unbelievers, it would be appropriate to explain true and correct definition of God. This divine entity was incorrectly described for centuries and misunderstood by many people. Misunderstanding created generations of people that do not believe in God because they disagree with incorrect definitions of God.


When people are realizing that they are not receiving the correct information, they are stopping to believe in God-the Supreme Creator. When no true information exists to replace incorrect teachings, people's denial of the existence of God can continue forever.


The word "God" that used by the International Church of Eternal Revival is a general expression only; some people may consider using other names according to their preference. Most likely, the correct universal name would be the Supreme Creator, someone who created the Universe and caused us to be present in this World, and who oversees all of us. Name as a combination of letters or words is irrelevant, as long as it related to the Highest Positive Creative Power. 


What is God any way?  Dictionaries would describe God as the supernatural being envisioned as the perfect and omnipotent and omniscient originator and ruler of the Universe, the object of worship in many religions, any supernatural being worshipped, non-human entity having human characteristics, etc. These and all other endless vague descriptions are made by people, who in reality have very little, or no knowledge who is God. Such unclear descriptions can easily confuse anybody and it obviously was already confusing people for thousands of years...


Many people after reading the descriptions of God in Bible, invented fraudulent trips to the Heaven and false endeavors for meeting of God. They claim that they are talking with God, but have no slightest idea how God communicates with people.


Some people are assuming that everything what is written in historical manuscripts, such as Bible must be interpreted word for word and on that basis, thousands of false "teachers" are telling imagined stories about casual conversations with God, they are telling about invented by them trips to the Heaven and the Hell; some people even are involving small children to tell false stories fabricated by adults. Real Truth is different...


Correct definition of God is very simple, but it is not a subject of the discussions on this website…





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